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The world is more


through the

eyes of artists

Who We Are?

are Professional Artists.
see the world from another perspective.

have the desire to reveal what’s deep inside the soul.

resonate with people’s feelings.


And we can depict them through art. 


Our vision is different. We don't believe in perfection but in perfect moments. So we go with the flow.

Now we wish to share these feelings with You.

About Us
Anett Elek - Professional Photographer - Brand Art Studio | Wien
Norbert Banhalmi - Professional NFT photographer & Digital Artist - Brand Art Studio - Wien

Our Story

The story of Anett and Norbert: It was more than 15 years ago, when we met as official photographers of an exclusive old timer exhibition. We both had an extraordinary artistic vision and were open to experiment with the latest technologies. Our journey took us all the way to New York, where we worked together for almost 7 years for several brands as advertising photographers.

Besides Budapest and New York, Vienna is the most precious to our hearts. Here we found an inclusive community where we can truly be ourselves, and our European-American mindset in terms of art and business is well appreciated.

The beginning of Dan and Norbert story dates back to the summer of 2021. We both are committed to helping the community and to giving a hand to others. 

Our first common project was the establishment of a digital gallery of professional photos and other works of art in Tihany, Hungary. Now it’s powered by Samsung The Frame, and is known as the Rege Gallery Tihany. Here we gave the opportunity to the best regional artists and nationwide well-known photographers to show their portfolio to an appreciative audience.  

Driven by the success of our first initiative, we launched a charity project aiming to help Hungarian children. Our goal was to raise funds for the Hungarian Ambulance Foundation for Children through an artistic exhibition and auction. Not only several artists and professional photographers, but also prestigious brands like Olympus, Starbucks and Siemens Mobility joined our movement to support our mission.

Given the circular nature of life, apprentices evolve into masters who begin to pass on their experience to the next generation. Our two prosperous initiatives made us realize that unconsciously we have reached a higher level. We both are experts of our own professions, namely marketing, communication and also cultural & business related event management. This our mission is no longer building our own brands and managing our own projects, but helping other brands get to the top. 

These milestones raised our awareness of not being that young anymore, and simultaneously of our top-quality performance and work ethic. 

This is how Brand Art Studio was established.

Our vision is YOUR FUTURE

Dan Oravetz - Contemporary artist - Brand Art Studio - Wien
Our Story
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Our digital Art Gallery

“The content is always unique and the presentation is simply unrepeatable”

“Let us create an exhibition spot in constant change! Where the spectator does not know how long he can enjoy the visual experience.” This was the inspiration when the two founders of the Brand Art Studio, Norbert Bánhalmi photographer and Daniel Oravetz painter, created an ever changing digital art gallery. The host is the Rege Cukrászda (Rege confectionery), opened in 1961 at one of the Balaton’s most scenic panorama, and also called the “Pilvax of Lake Balaton” (referring to the famous historical café in Budapest, meeting point of the artists before and during the 1848 revolution).


The photos, graphics and paintings are presented on a digital screen. Not all at once, not even one-by-one, but appearing randomly. There is no order, nothing systematic in the change-overs. Each moment, each composition is solely dedicated to the spectator. 


The digital gallery is also part of the Veszprém – Balaton Cultural Capital of Europe 2023. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for the local artists to reach a broader public. In a unique and unrepeatable form, as the speciality of the cultural life of the Balaton region.


You are kindly invited to the Rege Tihany Gallery, where:

“Each moment is another Première!”

Rege Galéria Tihany - powered by Samsung The Frame
Rege Galéria Tihany

Our Services

We are photography & cinematography artists who create all day and all night. Our pursuit of flow is constant everywhere and everytime. 


Thanks to our visceral desire to compose some art, we are not limited in space and time as creative souls. Our families love us for who we are and know that when an artist gets inspired, they must create. Our services below are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even if we are based in Vienna, as ambassadors of the camera manufacturer Olympus | OM System, we can create anywhere in the world from New York to Tokyo. 


Let it be on the streets, at your office/apartment or in a photo studio.


We are dedicated to work with the latest technology that enables us to compose images that could easily make it to the cover of any high-end quality magazine. As a team with international network and professional experience, we are constantly looking for new adventures to master our skills.

We make any type of film, be it a video of a few seconds for the social media interface or an interview / documentary film. The only limit is your imagination.


May our references appeal to you, simply let us know how we could assist you and execute together the most out of the box ideas! In return for your trust placed in us in advance, we guarantee to get back to you within 24 hours with a detailed plan and offer.


The whole world is our studio, we are ready to go!

Portrait  Photography

indoor / outdoor / studio


Lifestyle  Photography

indoor / outdoor / studio