Starts on August 1st. 

From the pictures of my first book.

Banhalmi Norbert

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// Professional Photographer & NFT Artist
// Brand Ambassador at OM SYSTEM | Olympus



As a child, I always wanted to be a Dragon. 

Most people could already imagine as a child what they wanted to be as grown-ups. And as time passes 99% of it remains just a wish. My case was quite the same as I wanted to be “SÜSÜ” the dragon from the fairytale. At least once at a school carnival I managed to make my dream come true.  

Then one night with my daughter, Lena we were talking about Merlin the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Santa Claus, the Unicorns and countless magical creatures that my daughter really believes in. Something changed in me at this point, because as the days went by I started to believe in the “impossible” again like many - many years ago, when besides photography I was always working on charity projects in order to help those in need. 

But how is this story connected to this page? I plan to end my career as a photographer at the end of 2023. Over the last 20 years I have gained a lot of experience and the time has come when my little girl is old enough to start exploring the world together. It means a different quality of life and a new dimension for me. I want to be with her at every important step she takes and enjoy every minute we spend together. On my 43rd birthday on 14 May, 2022, I have decided to dedicate the next 1.5 years helping millions of people to live a better life. 

But how will my mission come true?

When I was asked in an interview what my favourite pictures were, I could never really put it into words. I always wished I had a top 100 list that defined me. Then in 2022 I really wanted to become a member of the Association of Hungarian Photographers. My teacher, Gábor Ákos Varga helped me a lot with the application. I have a collection of my favourite images from the last 20 years, so I converted the pictures into black & white and when I looked through them I my heart was full. I had a feeling of accomplishment. This is my "life-work" so I can quit and finish my career with gratitude. 

But then I had not been accepted into the association, so I felt a great sense of uncertainty. I was almost certain that with such a professional background, exhibitions, books I would be able to become a member. 

So I felt that I can't quit yet, something is still missing. These thoughts gradually took over my mind day by day. And then one day, one of my dear clients, Ervin Reizer approached me and said that he would be interested in buying one of my pictures in the form of NFT. 

And this is where the story begins. 


I decided to establish my life-work in 111 + 1 images and create 3 x 37 photo albums in the world's largest NFT database and donate the first album to charity. 

- In the meantime, I will also create 100 NFT portraits in various locations around the world.

- In addition, by October, for the international Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I would like to have our book "Awakening", co-created with Erika Elek, translated into English as an e-book, and I would also like to create an audiobook and a video free of charge.

- I will activate the first block on 6th Dec and will donate the entire income from the sales to an Hungarian organization that helps children. 

- The second block will be activated on 14th May 2023, on my 44th birthday.

- And the third block will go live in November 2023 simultaneously to my last photo exhibition. 

- The +1 image, which is the most precious to me, will be given to my daughter, Lena as a legacy on a special crypto wallet.

And on 31st December 2023, I will take the last official selfie of my life, which will also be my 100th NFT portrait for my OpenSea album.